Anticipate: The Ultimate Definition of Hope

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Have you ever waited, hoped, anticipated, or expected something to happen?  If your answer is yes (and I’m sure it was), then you have hoped for something.  Everyone has it in them to wait or anticipate or hope for something. … Continued

Scrooge Syndrome:  Hope Being the New Cure

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During the Christmas Season, we’ve all heard the Charles Dicken’s classic Christmas Carol and the life story of Ebenezer Scrooge!  Whether by reading the book, seeing it acted out in a play, watching an animated version, watching the traditional version, … Continued

Sing Christmas Songs About Hope

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Sing some Christmas Carols today!!   Have you ever really paid any attention to the message that some of the carols bring?   Today we are going to explore the message of hope which Advent brings through Christmas Carols. Remember that hope … Continued

Take a Break and Enjoy a Moment of Peace

Are you ready to take a break and enjoy a moment of peace this Advent?  Well today that’s what we are going to do!   Start thinking of things that give you peace.   There are so many things in life … Continued

Family Meal: Building Blocks for Healthy Families

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So many people today don’t even take a moment to sit down and have a family meal together.  I want to challenge you this week to try to have at least two meals with your family where you sit together … Continued

Letters to Santa? What are you Waiting For?

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It’s time for the first reminder to get those letters turned into Santa.  Santa of course needs time to organize the letters so he knows who’s getting what this year!!   He wants there to be plenty of room in his … Continued

Playing Discovers Imagination

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When was the last time you played?   When was the last time you told your child, “Go play?”  Playing is a part of every person’s life.  Playing discovers your child’s imagination.   But did you know that children must be … Continued

Reading Rocks!!!! Start Today!!!!!

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“I can go anywhere!  Just take a look!  It’s in a book…”  These are the words to a theme song on a show called Reading Rainbow—A show that taught children that books would take them places others could only dream … Continued

Crafts for Christmas? Get Started Now!!!

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Calling all crafters!!! Wake up!!! It is time to get started on those crafts you may want to do for Christmas decorations or gifts!! How many use Pinterest?!  I know I do … this year, however, let’s not keep adding … Continued