Joy of Family

Family: Celebrate the Joy of Family

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This joyful week of Advent, I want to talk to you about experiencing the joy of family. In today’s society, many families are so disconnected with each other that they have forgotten the joy that can truly come with being a part of the family. Join me today as we talk about celebrating the joy of families.

You have a family. They are special part of you. I know that some of you may come from broken families. Some of you come from wealthy families. Some of you come from poor families. But I want you to find one family member that you connect with today. And I want you to celebrate that special person. I want you to tell them how much you appreciate them and love them and how much joy they bring to your life.

If you don’t have a family member that you can say that about, then I want you to look at someone who has hurt you. I want you to remember that forgiveness sometimes brings the greatest joy and what better time than this Christmas to forgive those who have hurt you.  I know it isn’t easy.  But forgiving those who have hurt you is the first step to building the bridge of relationships over the ravine of bitterness, hurt, anger, and time.   (Click here for past blog about forgiveness)

Joy of Family

There are many ways to celebrate the joy of families. Perhaps you can have dinner together. (Click here for blog on how to dinner time in your home) Or perhaps you can play game or maybe you can read a story next to the Christmas tree or you can go on a Christmas “light looking.”   Celebrate the joy of Christmas today by celebrating with your family.

As you focus with one another, be sure to turn devote your entire attention to the activity you are doing with those around you.  In other words, put the cell phone down!!!   Turn off the TV!!!!  Don’t answer the phone!!  Instead focus on the celebration of those around you.

So this Advent week take some time to really celebrate one another in your family!

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