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Family Meal: Building Blocks for Healthy Families

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So many people today don’t even take a moment to sit down and have a family meal together.  I want to challenge you this week to try to have at least two meals with your family where you sit together and eat the full meal.

What does a family meal entail?   This means no one leaves the table until everyone is completely done eating.   Ask your children and your spouse how their day was today.   Don’t let “good” or “bad”be an answer. Ask why? Then ask them what one thing changed their life today or what event made you happy or sad.   Also be prepared.   If it has been a long time since you’ve had a meal together, then it made need a conversation starter or two.  Have a few in your back pocket just in case.   I won’t lie….the first couple of “family meals” may be awkward, annoying, and silly, but keep at it and don’t give up!  The rewards will out-weigh the rocky patch in the beginning. Oh, yes, and don’t worry about fixing a fancy supper.   Even if you just order pizza or Chinese and everyone sits down to the table, the “table effect” will still work.

After doing “family meals” together for a while, you will notice your family bond growing stronger and your family will start communicating once again.   One more thing….no electronic devices of communication nature at the table!  Finally, at the end of the meal….. “Many hands make light work!!!”  Even the three-year-old can help clear the napkins and put them in the trash.

Having a family meal together will start to prepare you for the Holiday Season and especially for Christmas!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful your children, your spouse, your family was able to actually hold a conversation over dinner with your guests without looking at their cellphones?

So mission this week: Start having a family meal with your family a least twice a week!!!   Have fun!!!  Good luck!!!

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