Keep on Celebrating Christmas

Keep on Celebrating Christmas

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I’m here today to tell you to keep on celebrating Christmas!!” It’s not over!!!

To me the day after Christmas is one of the saddest days of the year for so many people. They are in such a hurry to start Christmas, but so many don’t even realize that Christmas has really just started.   They don’t realize what they are missing.  Radios turn off all Christmas music (including the Christian radio stations) and have gone back to their regular programing.  (Let me just throw out there that I think that is ridiculous because there are so many families that I know have Christmas several days after Christmas with the “other side of the family.”)  Stores have all Christmas décor pretty much sold, put clearance, or moved back to the warehouse and are putting Valentine’s Day Candy out on the shelves.  Please keep on celebrating Christmas yet!!

As I said before, for me Christmas is just starting.  In fact Christmas for me will last well into December.  We love to celebrate for an extended amount of time the joy that came with Christ’s birth.  We even have a day were we celebrate the wise men’s visit to Jesus and the presentation in the temple.   So as I’ve said before.  Christmas is not over!!  Keep on celebrating Christmas yet!!

Keep on Celebrating Christmas
Christmas Isn’t Over Yet

This year we have an extra long weekend, so take this time to really spend time with the family!!!  Get down on the floor and play a game with your children or sit and read a book with your wife by the fire or build some legos with your son or play tea party with your daughter and her dolls or visit your grandparents.  Whatever you choose to do this weekend, be there for your family.  Don’t forget to keep in mind the steps we learned yesterday…. “Listen, take others seriously, understand and put yourself in their shoes, and do what you can!”   But above all keep on celebrating Christmas yet!!

Just in case your radio station turned off your Christmas music!!

Three more hours of the old classics!!! Of course it’s Christmas music!!!

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