A Baby Born in Bethlehem

Baby Born in Bethlehem Brings Love

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Love one another as I have loved you. This will be our theme for the last few days of Advent this week as I mentioned before. It’s actually part one of three. So how did Christ show his love for us? Join me today as we talk about how love came down.

God the father in heaven showed us love when he’s sent Jesus to us as a baby in the manger. He could have sent him as a king on a white horse riding in with an army of glistening soldiers decked out in helmets with feathers paraded on white stallions.  But he didn’t!!   Instead he showed love to all mankind by sending him to us as a baby.

Jesus showed us love when he came as a baby.  Think about babies.  Think about how helpless they are.  A baby has to depend on those around him to feed him, change him, love him, and bathe him.   He is completely incapable of relying on his own abilities to fend for himself.  So when Christ came to earth as a baby, he knew that he would have to rely completely on Mary and Joseph for the basic necessities to live.

Baby Born in Bethlehem

So how can we show love to those around us like Jesus showed love to us by coming to earth as a baby?   Well, sometimes our independent natures come strongly across towards those we love.   Perhaps you are like me and like to figure out projects on your own without of the helping hands of your family members (whether a child, a spouse, or your brother.)  Or perhaps you always like to do all the work yourself because your spouse may not do it the same way you like it done?  Let’s work on showing love this week by listening to their advice and trying their solutions.  Also let us work on becoming that helpless baby and allow those around you help you accomplish your tasks.  Don’t worry if things are not perfect.  By laying down our own will powers and becoming as a little baby and relying on others for help, we will be loving others as He loved us

Love came down that blessed night!  This week work on loving others as Christ loved us.


Infant Holy, Infant Holy

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