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Love: The Fourth Sunday of Advent

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As we make the final week of our journey this Advent to prepare our hearts for Christ’s coming into our hearts, join me as we discover the love of Christmas.

Jesus gave us a commandment while here on earth saying, “Love one another as I have loved you!”   I want you to just think about this for a moment.   Think of what this truly means for us.   Over this next week we will examine further into what Christ meant when He said this.  But meanwhile, based on the little facts we’ve talked about so far, we know for one that Christ left His Father in Heaven to come to earth as a baby only to ultimately give His life for us in order to save us from our sinful selves.

So taking into those to very broad general facts of Jesus we can say without further explanation that we are to be willing to give up everything we have to save another person.   What kind of things can you give up in order to “save” another person?   Can you give of your time to “save” another person from their overwhelming load of work?   Or can you read a book to your child to “save” them from being lonely or getting into mischief?  Can you “save” your spouse from extra work in the bathroom by cleaning up after yourself?  Can you donate extra clothes to the poor to “save” them from being cold or naked this Christmas?  Can you donate a meal to a mother who just had a baby to “save” her from exhaustion?  Can you bite your tongue at work the next time you want to complain about another co-worker in order to “save” that co-worker’s reputation?  Basically if one gives of oneself then you will be showing love towards those around you.

Love—The Fourth Sunday of Advent

Join me this last week of Advent as we remind ourselves of what it means to truly love one another.


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