Manger filled with Love

Manger Filled with Loved That Blessed Night

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Love one another as I have loved you. Today we will continue our four part series on How to Love Others as Christ Loved Us. Join me today as we talk about the manger filled with love.

God the father in heaven showed us love when he’s sent Jesus to us as a baby in the manger. He could have sent him as a king on a white horse riding in with the army of glistening soldiers decked out in helmets with feathers paraded on white stallions.  But he didn’t!! He showed love to all mankind by sending him to us as a baby. Not only did he come as a baby, but Jesus chose to come in the most humble fashion. He came in the lowliest state. My goodness, he didn’t even have a place to stay. He didn’t even have a roof over his head. Instead he was born in a manger where cattle and sheep and animals eat hay.

Manger filled with Love

Jesus showed us love when he was born in a manger.  Think about a manger, the slobber from the animals eating the hay, and the smell of the animals.  I doubt it was a clean barn Mary and Joseph were sleeping in.  Instead it was most likely either a cave or a lean-to where the animals were kept.  And considering that is where the inn keeper kept all of his guests animals, I’m imagining that it was pretty noisy as well and rather smelly.   So for Jesus, the Messiah, the Savior of the World, the King of Kings, to be born in such a place was a significant act of love.  He showed us that wealth and possessions are unimportant and that one should be humble.  So how can we show love to those around us like Jesus showed love to us as he lay wrapped in swaddling cloth and laid in a manger?   We can love those around us by showing humility.  We need to let those around us know that they are more important than worldly possessions. We need die to self and take a lower position to show love.  For example, perhaps this year at the Christmas dinner, you can work on not “winning” every conversation.  Or perhaps you can show your wife that she is more important than the football game on the television.   Or maybe you can show love to your co-worker by doing the unwanted, undesirable, “manger” task at work this week.  By laying down our own self-esteem, pride, ideas, and desires we can show others that we are willing to take “a manger” position, and we will be loving other as He loved us.

Love came down that blessed night Christ was born.   This week love one another as Christ loved you!

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