Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose…Children will find it hard to sleep when they find out that you have invited Nevada Santa to your home for Christmas.   Experience the joy in your children’s eyes when they see the white beard and red Santa suit in their own home!    Nevada Santa prides himself on authentic Santa home visits beyond comparison with others.   Nevada Santa makes each visit, whether big or small, a magical experience for guests of all ages.


In-Home Visits

 Days before Santa’s arrival he’ll ask a family member (usually mom or dad) a variety of questions relevant to the children’s relatives, friends, school activities, etc., that only Santa would know the answers.  This allows Nevada Santa to ask your children questions and have specific knowledge about what gifts will be presented on Christmas Day or at the visit.  Nevada Santa’s Ultimate Home Visits will last approximately twenty to sixty minutes, depending on the needs of the family or event.

Ultimate Sneak-A-Peek (SAP)

Imagine you are a child and it’s Christmas Eve.  Your parents tiptoe into your room and gently wake you. “Shhh….,” they whisper, “Santa’s here!”   You climb out of bed and quietly creep towards the sound you hear coming from the Christmas Tree.  Your eyes widen and your heart skips a beat when you see Santa pulling presents out of his velvet red sack and placing them under the tree.  And then to your delight, he walks over and drinks the milk and cookies you so lovingly prepared with your family earlier that day.  Your child can experience this magical visit too with Nevada Santa’s Ultimate Sneak-A-Peek.  

This Ultimate Sneak-a-Peak In-Home Santa Experience involves the entire family hiding and watching Nevada Santa do his magical work of putting presents under the Christmas Tree or in the Christmas stockings along with reading Christmas Letters, drinking milk and eating cookies. Santa knows that the family is there, but acts as if they are all fast asleep and avoids looking in the direction of the family.  This Sneak-A-Peek lasts about 10 minutes.

Christmas Eve:
$275 -$350 for the first 1/2 hour
$200.00 for each additional half-hour

Christmas Day:
Santa is resting.

Ultimate Home Visit

Create a memorable experience with your family and friends this Christmas and invite Nevada Santa to your home for an Ultimate Home Visit.   This experience can be tailored to fit your event.

The Ultimate Home Visit includes a personalized visit from Santa.  This may be for an appearance with friends and neighbors, or may be a private event amongst you and your children

Before the event, Santa will gather information about the children and others (if desired) to be used to talk about “things only Santa would know.”   Activities for an Ultimate Home Visit may include reading a story, decorating cookies, passing out gifts, conducting party games, Christmas caroling, or pictures with Santa may be scheduled at the time of the booking.  Your friends and family will enjoy a merry Christmas party this year with Nevada Santa.  Let the Party begin!!!

Please Note:  The host of the party will be responsible for all supplies necessary for an Ultimate Home Visit and a list will be given to the host in advance.

Business/Corporate/Office Visits/Other Events

Business/Charity events offer a wide range of flexibly of both time and activities.  Ideas include but are not limited to presenting gifts to employees, announcing promotions, master of ceremonies, group/individual photo shoots, Christmas tree lighting, parades, breakfast/lunch/dinner with Santa, parties with employees and their children, engagement surprises / anniversary celebrations, radio commercials, and more… All of the above services are depending on location, date, time and day of week. Call or complete the form or the right for availability and exact fee.

Prior to Christmas Eve:

Christmas Day:
Santa is resting

Polar Express Train Ride on the Virginia and Truckee (V&T) Railway

November 19 through December 22, 2015
All Aboard!!! Join NV Santa in the Polar Express on the V&T Railway this year for an experience of a lifetime!!

Watch your child’s eyes sparkle as characters from their favorite Christmas book, The Polar Express, come alive. From the conductor punching tickets and yelling “All Aboard,” to the waiters and chefs breaking out in song and delivering hot cocoa and cookies, to the hobo wishing warm wishes to all who are aboard, the joy of the ride never ceases.

Your child will experience the narration of the beloved Van Allsburg story of a doubting boy who takes an extraordinary train ride to the North Pole as they themselves travel to the North Pole on a 100-year-old train.

To complete this spectacular encounter, Santa will join the children on the train ride as the train leaves the North Pole. There will be caroling, greetings, and picture taken as Santa stops and talks to each child. Finally to commemorate this special event, Santa will give each child a souvenir—the silver bell.

Join NVSANTA and the V&T Railways Polar Express in Carson City, Nevada this year and make Christmas come alive!!!

For more information use your computer and go to or call….877-724-5007  or  775-291-0208

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THE POLAR EXPRESS and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s15)

Charity Events

Nevada Santa thrives on passing the Spirit of Christmas to one and all, old and young.  Nevada Santa welcomes the opportunity to make a special appearance to a Charity event.  Ideas for Charity events include but are not limited to presenting gifts to charity’s recipients, announcing donations, master of ceremonies, group/individual photo shoots, Christmas tree lighting, parades, breakfast/lunch/dinner with Santa, radio commercials, and more…Contact us for more details.