Nevada Santa takes pride in making sure your Santa visit is authentic and a very magical experience for your family, friends, co-workers, and/or guests. In order to make to make Nevada Santa’s visit enchanting and whimsical, some ground work on the host’s part will set the stage for Santa’s Ultimate Visit.

Guidelines for creating an especially magical visit:

Put together some general information about your children, other children you will have at a party, family relatives that may be there, or co-workers at a business party. These can be basic simple facts about the person that make them a special individual. (Names of children with a photo are always a welcome benefit and enhance the magical visit.)

Pre-plan activities and give them to Santa in advance (e.g. singing, reading a book, decorating cookies, passing out gifts, photo taking, etc.)

If any activities are to be done with the children, such as cookie decorating or passing out gifts, please have the supplies/gifts ready prior to the visit.

Provide detailed directions to your home or to the event. Call him old-fashioned, but Santa doesn’t rely only on a GPS for arrival. He always likes to have a back-up set of directions just in case. On your map include landmarks that will help identify the turns, streets, and your home or event destination.

Always provide a cell phone number of someone at the event who will have it on (you never know, Rudolph might make a wrong turn.)

On the day of the event or home visit, have a special place for Santa to park – be sure to reserve a very close spot near the entrance of an event, but maybe a less noticeable spot for the Ultimate Sneak-a-Peak visit.

Prepare to have someone outside to meet Santa in order to show him the way and to load toys into his sack if needed.

Plan it so that Santa can make a “Grand Entrance” in front of all the guests. Everyone should be participating in a common task at the time of Santa’s arrival (singing, decorating cookies, coloring Christmas pictures, etc.)

Place Santa’s Chair so it has a great holiday background for photos (leave plenty of room behind the chair for group photos).

Place payment in a Christmas card so you don’t have to hand Santa a check or cash and risk a child witnessing the transaction.

Towards the end of the event keep the children together and occupied to give Santa a few minutes for his departure.