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Visit: Bring Hope to the Lonely

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During the Christmas Season, you may read of the story of the Angel Gabriel coming to Mary.  He announced to her that she was to have a child and that He would be great and would be called Jesus.   This is a well-known story, but do you know what happened after that?    The Angel Gabriel had told Mary (so that she could know that what he was telling her was truth) that her cousin Elizabeth was due to have a baby in three months.  Mary knew that her cousin Elizabeth was well, well pass child bearing years, so she went to visit her and to be with her until her baby came.   Mary brought hope to Elizabeth with her visit.   Today let’s see how we can visit others and spread hope to others.

You can bring hope to someone today who is lonely by visiting them.   Christmas can be one of the loneliest times of the year for some people.  Often they think about when times were different—happier times.   So perhaps you have a lonely neighbor who has lost his spouse this year and lives all alone who you can visit for a while with and bring hope to their Christmas Season.    There are also many, many lonely people left in the nursing facilities and hospitals this time of year.  Maybe you can bring them a small gift of hope.  And hour out of your week would go so very far for them.   You can even take your children with you and you can have them sing Christmas songs for them.  Sometimes the skilled nursing facility/residential facility will let you come in and do the ladies finger nails and hair and get them ready for Christmas.  On the other hand maybe you have a grumpy, lonely relative that no visits anymore that you can visit.

Visit from Mary and Elizabeth


So this second week of Advent, let’s spread the message of hope to those who are lonely this Christmas.  You’ll be surprised at how one hour can bring so much happiness!!

Tips for spending time for with elderly including conversation starters and props!

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