Ultimate Sneak-A-Peek Visits With Santa

Imagine you are a child and it’s Christmas Eve.  Your parents tiptoe into your room and gently wake you. “Shhh….,” they whisper, “Santa’s here!”   You climb out of bed and quietly creep towards the sound you hear coming from the Christmas Tree.  Your eyes widen and your heart skips a beat when you see Santa pulling presents out of his velvet red sack and placing them under the tree.  And then to your delight, he walks over and drinks the milk and cookies you so lovingly prepared with your family earlier that day.  Your child can experience this magical visit too with Nevada Santa’s Ultimate Sneak-A-Peek.  

This Ultimate Sneak-a-Peak In-Home Santa Experience involves the entire family hiding and watching Nevada Santa do his magical work of putting presents under the Christmas Tree or in the Christmas stockings along with reading Christmas Letters, drinking milk and eating cookies. Santa knows that the family is there, but acts as if they are all fast asleep and avoids looking in the direction of the family.  This Sneak-A-Peek lasts about 10 minutes.

Christmas Eve:
$350 for the first 10-15 minutes.
If  child is caught or cannot go back to bed during the Sneak a Peek, the Sneak a Peek can be converted to an Ultimate in Home Visit at the rate of $200.00 for each additional half-hour as long as it does not interfere with Santa’s Very Busy Schedule.

Christmas Day:
Santa is resting.

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