Reno / Carson City Area Santa Claus for Home Christmas Parties

 Create a memorable experience with your family and friends this Christmas and invite Nevada Santa to your home for an Ultimate Home Visit.   This experience can be tailored to fit your event.

The Ultimate Home Visit includes a personalized visit from Santa, Mrs Claus or Lollipop the Elf.  This may be for an appearance with friends and neighbors, or may be a private event amongst you and your children

Before the event, Santa will gather information about the children and others (if desired) to be used to talk about “things only Santa would know.”   Activities for an Ultimate Home Visit may include reading a story, decorating cookies, passing out gifts, conducting party games, Christmas caroling, or pictures with Santa may be scheduled at the time of the booking.  Your friends and family will enjoy a merry Christmas party this year with Nevada Santa.  Let the Party begin!!!

Please Note:  The host of the party will be responsible for all supplies necessary for an Ultimate Home Visit and a list will be given to the host in advance.

Mrs. Claus is available for Story or Tea Time with Mrs. Claus.

For more information about Nevada Santa’s availability call or text
(775) 721-1758
or click here to fill in the form on the Contact Page