Nevada Santa, Warming the Hearts of Children of All Ages Across the Region.

Do you remember as a child the excitement and thrill of waiting each Christmas for Santa Claus? Don’t just put cookies and milk by the fireplace this year!

Instead invite Nevada Santa into your home or to a party and make Christmas come alive! Nevada Santa will come to your family and friends with his delightful red bag upon his back filled with gifts for your children, but more importantly, overflowing from his bag, will be the gift of his love of Christmas.

Nevada Santa wants the Spirit of Christmas to pass on from generation to generation and never die. So, this year, invite Nevada Santa into your Christmas Season to make this the most memorable Christmas ever!

Days Until Christmas

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Make Your Christmas Magical and A Wonderful Way to Share in Family Fun

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose…Children will find it hard to sleep when they find out that you have invited Nevada Santa to your home for Christmas. Experience the joy in your children’s eyes when they see the white beard and red Santa suit in their own home! Nevada Santa prides himself on authentic Santa home visits beyond comparison with others. Nevada Santa makes each visit, whether big or small, a magical experience for guests of all ages.

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Nevada Santa Means Business

Whenever Nevada Santa is in his red suit he means business and loves every minute of it!  Options and suggestions for holiday parties are only limited by your imagination.  He will share the Holiday spirit with your organization to make your event, the most fun-filled and memorable celebration of the season.  These business appearances can last from one to six hours, depending on your business needs.
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Nevada Santa thrives on passing the Spirit of Christmas to one and all, old and young.  Nevada Santa welcomes the opportunity to make a special appearance to a Charity event.  Ideas for Charity events include but are not limited to presenting gifts, announcing donations, master of ceremonies, group/individual photo shoots, Christmas tree lighting,decorating cookies, reading a book, speaking engagements (topics are limited), parades, breakfast/lunch/dinner with Santa, radio commercials, and more…Contact us for more details.

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